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What Makes Clicks From Search Different To Any Other SEO Agency?

Results. That’s the short answer. However, if you like reading, here’s the long answer:

We have built our reputation by helping businesses generate more customers and increase their revenue by leveraging free traffic from search engines like Google.

We believe that complexity doesn’t work, which is why we like to keep things simple.

We deliver tangible results for our clients, here’s how:

  • We help our clients over take their competition and position their websites on page one which leads to an increase in organic traffic (this traffic is highly targeted and are usually customers who are ready to buy)
  • Our clients generate more leads and sales through their website by leveraging the free traffic that their competitors are currently taking.
  • By increasing the amount of organic traffic coming into the site and turning those visitors into leads and sales, our clients are able to increase their businesses revenue on a consistent basis on autopilot from new business coming in from search engines.

The reason why we’re called Clicks From Search is because that’s what you can expect when working with us.

Your business website will generate more targeted clicks from customers who are searching for your business – right now your competitors are getting these clicks.

Depending on the industry you’re in, paying for clicks on Google can be expensive.

Our main focus is to help you generate those clicks for free and not waste money on any clicks that don’t turn into new customers.

SEO can be an extremely powerful force when it comes to growing your business.

Even though the SEO industry has a bad reputation, we can assure you that SEO is NOT dead (our clients can also vouch for this).

The reason why so many businesses have been burnt by SEO companies in the past is because they decided to go cheap and save money which actually ended up costing their business more.

We always tell our clients that you can either pay top dollar for premier SEO and get the kind of results that will help your business grow, or you can go cheap – in this case you might as well withdraw cash from your business and throw it in a bin – it would cause you less headache that way.

You get what you pay for in almost every single other area in life, and SEO services are no different.

If you want high quality SEO services that are going to help increase your businesses revenue, you’re going to have to allocate a bigger monthly budget towards getting your website ranked.

At this point, you might be ready to invest in SEO but you’re not sure about which SEO agency to work with.

We’re going to talk a little bit about our SEO agency and what makes us different from the other businesses in our industry.

We believe that there are three main pillars in SEO which generate the biggest returns in the form of results when put together.

These three pillars are as follows:

  • Content
  • Traffic
  • Links

SEO doesn’t have to be anymore complicated than the three pillars we just laid out.

The reason why we’ve been able to deliver extraordinary results for our clients where other agencies have failed, is because we focus the majority of our attention on these three pillars.

Let’s talk about the importance of content for SEO.

A page on a website with no content, is not a page that any user wants to land on.

Content can have two main purposes:

  • Education
  • Entertainment

People read, watch or listen to content either for educational or entertainment purposes – sometimes even both.

The content that we’re laying out here is an educational piece of content. We’re trying to educate you on the difference between our agency and other SEO companies.

Depending on your business and industry, the content you create will either be for educational purposes or entertainment purposes.

The sweet spot is when you can combine education with entertainment, better known as edutainment.

This style of content will keep your audience more engaged and help you grow a bigger following.

In most cases for a local service based business, the content that is produced will be geared towards education.

For example, a great piece of content for a dental practice to produce would be a blog post about how to whiten teeth and keep them white all year round like A-list celebrities.

This blog post could be a 1000-1500 word article which goes into extreme detail on all the DYI options available along with some coverage of how the process of whitening teeth works within the dental practice.

This would be an educational piece of content which solves a problem that readers may have – teeth that are stained or yellow.

By creating this guide, the dental practice can drive targeted people to their site who are looking to whiten their teeth either on their own or with the help of a dentist.

Now you might be thinking – is all of this traffic going to be from people who are within a 20 mile radius to this dental practice?

Our answer is – who cares.

This content can be used to generate more traffic for the dental practices website.

The traffic generated can then be leveraged in three different ways:

  • Overall boost in the sites authority due to an increase in traffic (which is our second pillar for effective SEO)
  • Increase in the number of links coming into the website (people will share the content and some websites may even link to the dental practices site, links are our third SEO pillar)
  • The blog post can be used to promote affiliate offers (which would be a nice bit of extra revenue for the business) or the traffic from the blog post can be turned into customers who order at home teeth whitening kits from the practice.

The point is: there is always going to be some way for you to leverage the traffic that your content generates, even if the traffic from a blog post is not generating leads directly.

Moving onto our second SEO pillar that we focus heavily on – traffic.

Creating content is completely controllable.

Content is published millions of times on a daily basis and even though not all of this content is high quality, there is still a lot of noise to stand out from.

Content is an extremely important factor when it comes to SEO rankings, but content alone won’t do the job.

After all, you can publish a video or a blog post, but if nobody sees it then it was a complete waste of time and money to create it in the first place.

That’s why we believe that we’re the leading SEO company in our industry.

We’re masters at generating clicks from other trusted sources online as well.

We’re able to drive a flood of traffic to our clients websites from high authority social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Content is a pillar of SEO that many SEO firms are able to control and deliver, but when it comes to delivering traffic and links, that’s where they struggle.

That’s what makes us different.

We pride ourselves on being able to generate traffic from trusted sources online to boost our SEO efforts.

Traffic is an extremely important trust signal in Google’s eyes.

The reason why traffic plays such a big role in helping Google decide which websites to showcase on page one is because it’s difficult to manipulate traffic.

Unless an SEO agency is also well versed in generating traffic from other sources, their SEO efforts will not produce the results necessary to ensure that you see a return on your investment.

Like we mentioned before, generating traffic (whether that traffic equals any new leads or not) can be leveraged in three ways:

  • Boost in website authority
  • Increased backlinks
  • An extra stream of revenue

Based on these three benefits that traffic brings, you can see why our company was built in a different way to other SEO firms.

We realised that in order to accelerate the value that our SEO services bring to our clients, we would have to master other forms of traffic generation online & offline.

Last but certainly not least, link building is our third pillar of effective SEO.

Let’s talk about links.

Link building is a crucial component to any SEO campaign.

The reason why links are an important ranking factor in Google’s eyes is because much like traffic, it’s difficult to manipulate.

Or at least that’s what the algorithm thought up until recently.

You see, links CAN be manipulated – just ask any black hat SEO.

Before we explain what black hat SEO is, we need to first cover the other coloured hats that people wear in the SEO space.

Here’s the 3 main hat’s that SEO’s wear:

  • Black hat
  • White hat
  • Grey hat

Black hat SEO is the side of SEO with the shady reputation.

This is the form of SEO that Google and other search engines don’t like.

It’s designed to completely game the algorithms and is seen by some in the industry and cheating the search engines.

From hacking people’s sites all the way to buying expired domains and using them to send links to their own properties, black hat SEO experts will do everything they can to manipulate the algorithms in search.

White hat SEO is considered the safest form of SEO (this is the type of SEO that we practice) but it can also be the most challenging form of SEO for companies to fulfil for their client.

Unlike black hat SEO where you can control the links that you build, with white hat SEO, there are usually many more moving pieces to the puzzle which is why it can be frustrating for SEO agencies to deliver this service whilst also producing real tangible results for their clients.

Some examples of white hat SEO are website speed, user experience, quality content and link reclamation for link building.

As you can see, this approach ensures that users are the number one priority and that you’re not just trying to game the system by building links which are 100% controlled by you.

Now that we’ve covered black hat and white hat SEO, it’ll be much simpler to explain grey hat.

Grey hat SEO is the combination of black hat and white hat.

With grey hat, you can ensure that you prioritise factors like user experience but you also ensure that you’re able to control the number of links coming into your website.

It can be tough working with businesses who are in extremely competitive industries such as personal injury law.

This is because it is more than likely that your competitors will be using black hat tactics to position their website on page one.

This would usually be difficult to compete with, but we’re able to almost “control” the number of links we build for our clients.

Because we have proven processes and systems to ensure that everything is done with an intense amount of strategy and effort which ensures that our white hat link building efforts are rewarded.

To recap what makes us different from any other SEO agency:

We have 3 main pillars that we focus on which makes our SEO services more effective and ensures that the rewards from our efforts are maximised.

Those three main pillars are:

  • Content
  • Traffic
  • Links

For more information on our SEO philosophy, check out our Local SEO video.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you grow your business with free traffic online, get in touch with us for your very own SEO analysis from our team.

We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to seeing your business grow.