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Digital Marketing Services By Clicks From Search

The way we approach digital marketing at Clicks From Search is definitely unique in comparison to our competitors.

We focus the majority of our time and energy on doing work that increases your businesses footprint online and increases the number of new leads and revenue coming into your company.

There are countless SEO & digital marketing agencies out there who offer some variation of a digital marketing service as a deliverable.

It's definitely an understatement to say that the digital marketing space is crowded.

However, much like any other industry, 20% of the agencies are usually the ones who are generating the 80% of great results for their clients.

The rest of the 80% are scraping by and are usually unable to deliver real tangible results for the businesses that they work with.

One of the reasons why Clicks From Search as a digital agency falls under the category of the top 20% of agencies is because we're also experts in other forms of digital marketing outside of just SEO.

Digital marketing is a big umbrella.

From paid advertising to content production, there are many moving parts that are involved in a successful digital marketing campaign.

Because we as an agency understand that our SEO efforts can be accelerated by using some of these other forms of digital marketing, we're able to surpass our competitors and help our clients do the same.

At Clicks From Search, SEO is the core service that we offer.

However, we don't believe that a business should solely rely on SEO to grow their revenue.

This is why we also provide pay per click advertising services to ensure that our clients are able to see tangible results in the form of leads and sales in the short term.

SEO is definitely a long term investment and the businesses we work with usually start seeing a substantial return on their investment within 8-12 months depending on the industry that they're in.

This is the main reason why we also offer pay per click services.

With paid advertising, we're able to generate leads for our clients at a faster rate (usually within 3-4 weeks).

Online marketing for small businesses doesn't have to be complex, which is why one of our core values at Clicks From Search is to keep things simple.

Keeping things simple usually means that we're able to generate bigger and better results from our efforts and it saves our clients the headache of having to understand the complexities of technical SEO.

Marketing your business online is simple, and that's the way we keep it.

Other digital marketing service providers may make it seem like this space is extremely complex, but more often than not this is their way of covering up their lack of results.

Here's a tip: if an SEO or digital marketing agency can't show you examples of prior digital marketing campaigns that have generated traffic and sales, they're either not great and what they do or they're just starting out.

The way we built was a way for us to showcase that we practice what we preach.

Our website is ranking for some highly competitive keywords and we're also able to generate extremely targeted traffic from these keywords that have turned into sales for us.

The reason why we named our business Clicks From Search is because we believe that the most powerful traffic available on the internet today is traffic from major search engines like Google.

Our digital marketing services were designed to generate more clicks from search for our clients.

But we also understand that an SEO strategy is not complete without other forms of digital marketing like paid advertising to support our efforts.

This is what makes Clicks From Search and our digital marketing services different from any other SEO agency.

Even though our core service is SEO, we don't just focus on SEO.

We help position our clients websites as an authority in their space so that our SEO efforts are exponentially rewarded.

The key to a good SEO strategy is to ensure that you replicate what all the biggest brands in the world are doing.

We've studied what it takes to become a powerhouse brand online and the signals that search engines like Google need in order to reward a business with page one rankings.

Even though another one of our core values here at Clicks From Search is humility, we don't downplay the fact that we are masters at our craft and are able to completely change a business by generating new leads and customers on a consistent basis by leveraging free traffic from search engines.

The digital marketing is one of the fastest changing industries on the planet.

If the agency you're working with aren't able to stay on top of the latest changes and adjust their service offering to reflect these changes, they along with you will get left behind.

At Clicks From Search, we believe in continues learning and development.

We invest heavily in digital marketing courses so that we can learn from everyone in the industry who is crushing it with digital.

We know that we don't know everything and we know that we can't rely on our innovation alone to deliver extraordinary results for our clients.

Any business who believes that they can't learn from what someone else is doing successfully is a business that will not survive for a very long time.

Ego can be destructive and hinder a businesses growth.

The reason why our digital marketing services are so effective is because we learn from the best people in paid advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO etc

We don't claim to be the best in all of these fields, but our results speak for themselves and we're proud to say that we're extremely effective at bringing many of these pieces together in order to form and execute on a solid SEO strategy for ourselves and our clients.

No matter what changes occur in the digital marketing space, we know that we will adapt.

Afterall, it's not the strongest that survives in nature, but the one who's able to adapt the quickest.

Adapting the way we deliver our digital marketing services here at Clicks From Search is how we ensure that we're able to stay ahead of our competition and help our clients do the same.